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In May 2016, the Company was founded with the aim of creating a wide range of high value-added in high demand in the fine chemical industry from natural raw materials with potential uses in cosmetics, nutritional supplements, health preservation and the pharmaceutical industry. Our company’s activities are carried out in its own development and production laboratory, which provides us with all the essential security and flexibility.

The Company was established with a share capital of EUR 16,200, its equity is EUR 521,000. The founder and majority owner of the Company is Dr. Zoltán Köntös, PhD in Chemistry, who is today the Chairman & CEO. The minority shareholders of the Company through Greennovatív Kft. are the Rahimkulov family, who have significant investments in several strategic sectors of the Hungarian economy.



Dr. KÖNTÖS Zoltán


Chairman of the Supervisory Board: RAHIMKULOV Ruszlan

Members of the Supervisory Board:

  • Dr. FRIDMAN Róbert
  • STOKINGER Fruzsina

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Gold fulvat is a purple colored crystallized derivative of fulvic acid, which compound was not known previously in the literature. Besides its water-solubility, this stable compound retains its special purple color in all dilution. Pharmaceutical applicability could be interesting in the fields of arthritis, inflammations, or any kind of colloid based treatment. The fact, that gold protects nervous system, this compound has a promising future in curing nervous system based diseases.


The red colored silver fulvate is also a brand new derivate of fulvic acid. Besides its unique water-solubility, this compound could be usable in case of those diseases where silver compounds have previously been used in treatments. Silver fulvate responds sensitively to UV radiation, causing it to decompose, which might open up its cosmetic industry usage.


Iodine fulvate is a further new derivative of fulvic acid. This extremely stable compound’s special feature is that it contains iodine in a water-soluble form. The colour of the product is red, while its crystalline form is yellow. Pharmaceutical interest of this compound is, that 2.2 billion people (30% of the world’s population) live in areas with iodine deficiency.

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